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Minnesota Distance Riders Association (MnDRA) was formed to promote distance riding in the Upper Midwest, giving recognition to horse and rider teams.  Events sponsored in Minnesota are Competitive, Limited Distance, and Endurance. 


Membership is open to all members of UMECRA (Upper Midwest Endurance and Competitive Rides Association).


MnDRA presents annual awards to the top ten qualifying horse and rider teams competing in Endurance, Limited Distance, and Competitive Trail.  Horse and rider teams accumulate points by competing in MnDRA sanctioned rides. 


MnDRA invites your participation and support through your membership.  CLICK HERE to become a member.


For a 2015 Ride Entry Form, CLICK HERE. 


For complete MnDRA ByLaws, CLICK HERE.  For complete MnDRA Minutes Archives, CLICK HERE.


For those interested in learning the sport and competing as a Novice, CLICK HERE.