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March 21, 2020

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Due to the covid-19 pandemic, the annual meeting has been postponed and the awards banquet is cancelled.  Please look for the email from Ken Meyer with additional details regarding banquet fees.  Awards will be at Maplewood; please connect with Sandy Fett or make other arrangements.


AERC Rule Change for Limited Distance Rides

by Stephanie Teeter (reprinted from January 2019 Endurance News)

Rule changes to L3 and L4 are explained here, with examples.


The LD rule change, which takes effect with the 2019 ride season, will make things a little simpler for everyone and it will give the slowest riders just a little more time to finish.  Here's all you need to know:

  1. If you are doing a limited distance ride, you will now have the entire amount of time (per the LD distance/time chart) to finish the physical course.  This is the "ride the trail" phase of the competition - from starting line to finish line.
  2. After you have crossesd the finish line, your horse must now reach pulse criteria to determine your ride finish time.  This is the "pulse for placement" phase of the competition.  You have a maximum of 30 minutes for your horse to reach criteria.
  3. After your horse has reached pulse criteria you must now stand for a veterinary completion exam.  You will have one hour after crossing the finish line to do this.  This is the "final completion exam" phase of the competition. 

Below are two sample competition timelines.


Example 1 (a worst-case scenario)

09:00  Sally and Buster (the horse) start the trail to begin the 25 mile competition; they have 6 hours to get to the finish line.

12:00  Sally and Busster arrive at the vet check for a 30 minute hold.

12:10  Buster pulses down to 60 and Sally and Buster see the vet and rest until their out-time.

12:40  Sally and Buster go back out on to the trail.

03:00  Sally and Buster finally finish the trail (it was a tough day and it started raining after they left the vet check).  it took them the entire 6 hours to get to the finish line, but they made it.

03:15  Buster pulses down to 60 and the competition clock stops.  Their ride time is 5:45 (6 hours to ride the trail, minus 30 minute hold and vet check, plus 15 minutes to reach pulse criteria).

04:00  Sally and Buster present to the veterinarian for a final completion exam.  (They had to go back to their trailer for some dry clothes for Sally and a blanket for Buster.)  There's a line for the vet, so they have to wait a little longer,, but they made it within the hour.


Example 2 (a best-case scenario)

09:00  Fred and Zippy (the horse) start the trail to begin the 25 mile competition.

10:00  Fried and Zippy arrive at the vet check for a 30 minute hold.

10:01  Zippy pulses down (44!) and they pass the veterinary exam and fish their hold time.  

10:31  Fred and Zippy head back out on the trail.

11:30  Fred and Zippy arrive at the finish line.

11:31  Zippy pulses down right away (48!) and the competition clock stops.  Their ride time is 2:01 (2.5 hours minus 30 minute hold, plus 1 minute to reach criteria).  

11:31  Fred and Zippy go see the vet right away for their final examm.

11:35  Zippy passes with flying colors, and the ride is done.


Limited Distance Maximum Course Time

Hours: Minutes

(Time the rider must be off the marked course, including all holds and checks)

Ride Length, Miles 25 30 35
Maximum Time: 6:00 7:15 8:30

For a complete list of AERC rules, click here.

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